Nash County NC Democratic Party

Welcome to the Nash County Democratic Party

The Nash County Democratic Party needs you!

If we want to see change in Nash County and in North Carolina, we have to vote. We have to get our friends, family, co-workers, neighbors to be informed and to vote. Nash County precinct meetings are happening soon, and just by showing up you can strengthen our cause.

What is a precinct? Every county in America is divided up into precincts. If you're not sure which precinct you're in (or if you want to find out if you're registered to vote), click here: my voter registration data. You'll see a list of people with your name - click on YOU and on the next screen, at the top of the second column, you'll see your precinct name. Precinct meetings are coming in early February, click here to find out where and when yours is scheduled.

Please note: You should be registered at your CURRENT ADDRESS in order to vote. If your name is missing, or if it turns up with an incorrect address, you should re-register. Contact us and we'll help you.

Join us! Come and be counted!
Email Linda Edwards for more information.
What is an organized precinct? Click here

Many of us Nash County residents have never been political, or we've thought "my vote doesn't matter." But now we've all seen the close races in Virginia and Alabama - races won by hard work on the neighborhood level - and now we're ready to get involved!

The Nash County Democrats need you! Donating your time and energy on the local level is key. Your Democratic precinct is the building block of democracy - it's you and your neighbors! You can make a difference just by talking to your neighbors and friends to make sure they are registered and to make sure they vote. Many don't even know there is an election this year!

Here’s how you can join with us to stand up for America and change the direction we're heading:

  • ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE REGISTERED TO VOTE?! Thousands of registered Democrats in Nash County have been marked "INACTIVE" for various reasons - and they don't tell you! Take a minute and click here: my voter registration data. See if you show up! If your name is missing, or if an incorrect address is listed, you need to re-register. See below, or contact us and we'll help you.
  • REGISTER TO VOTE! You MUST be registered at your current address. If you've moved since the last time you voted, or if you're a first-time voter, or have recently regained the right to vote, download a form by clicking here: NC VOTER REGISTRATION FORM. Fill it out, sign it, date it, and submit it to the NASH COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS
    1. DROP IT BY: 1006 EASTERN AVENUE, RM 109 NASHVILLE (you can also just go there and fill it out on the spot) or
    2. MAIL IT: PO BOX 305 NASHVILLE, NC 27856 or
    3. Contact the Board of Elections: 252-459-1350
    4. If you know somebody who needs to register but doesn't have the internet, or doesn't have a printer, you can make a copy and give it to them.
  • At the top of the second column of your registration data you'll see the name of your precinct - that is, your neighborhood and other neighborhoods around you. This is the best place to start volunteering and socializing with other Democrats. Precincts are the building blocks of our movement!
  • Change your party affiliation: If you’re registered to vote as an Unaffiliated or Republican voter, tell the world that you stand for the American Dream and against Trump and his cronies by changing your party registration to the Democratic Party.
  • Connect with us: Follow us on Facebook for the latest news & information.
  • Join us at our meetings: See sidebar. We meet at Mama's every first Thursday of the month. Come eat pizza and get to know us!
  • Make your plans for voting in 2018. Don't let voter suppression and intimidating tactics stop you. Anybody can vote by mail. Just click here to download an ABSENTEE (VOTE BY MAIL) BALLOT REQUEST FORM. You don't need an excuse. Fill it out, send it in, and presto! No waiting in line at the polls!
  • Consider running for office. In America, our government officials aren’t a special class of people… they’re us. Ordinary citizens like you and me can run: every election year, too many positions at the local, state, and national level go to the Republicans simply because no Democrats stepped up to the plate to run. We need everyone to pitch in. If you run for office as a Democrat in Nash County, we’ll do everything we can to bring you to the finish line.
Nash County Democratic Party Officers:
  • Valerie Steel, Chair
  • Matthew Gailliard, 1st Vice Chair
  • Elaine Williams, 2nd Vice Chair
  • Laura O'Neal, 3rd Vice Chair
  • Roxanne Taylor, Secretary
  • Mark Frohman, Treasurer