Nash County Precinct Maps

Here are Nash County's precincts, with their polling places and officers. If you know where you vote, you know which precinct you're in! Click on the links below to download any Nash County precinct map onto your own computer.

Find your precinct by clicking here: my voter registration data.
Look at the top of the right-hand column.

Please note: You must be registered at your CURRENT ADDRESS in order to vote. If your name is missing, or if it turns up with an incorrect address, you need to re-register. Contact us and we'll help you.

  • Bailey (P01A: Bailey Baptist Church, 6646 Deans Street)
  • Castalia (P09A: Castalia Volunteer Fire Department, 11065 Lancaster Store Road)
    Chair: Joan Avent
    Vice Chair: James Alston
  • Coopers (P05A: Coopers Volunteer Fire Department, 3628 Volunteer Road)
  • Dortches (P14A: Dortches Town Hall, 3057 Town Hall Road)
    Chair: Ivana Stevens
  • Griffins (P10A: Cedar Grove Elementary School, 8967 Cedar Grove School Loop Road)
    Chair: Mary Lou Clinton
    Vice Chair: Brenda Neal
  • Middlesex (P02A: Middlesex Baptist Church, 11490 West Stewart) Street
  • Momeyer (P07A: Momeyer Ruritan Building, 4812 Momeyer Way)
    Chair: Ronald Pace
    Vice Chair: Paul Bass
  • Nashville (P08A: Nash County Agriculture Building, 1006 Eastern Avenue)
    Chair: George Jefferies
  • Oak Level (P15A: Nash Central High School, 4279 Nash Central High Road)
    Chair: Leland Michaletz
  • Red Oak (P11A: Red Oak Volunteer Fire Department, 7951 Red Oak Boulevard)
    Chair: Agnes Moore
  • Rocky Mount / Battleboro (P16A: Dunn Center for the Performing Arts, 3400 N. Wesleyan Boulevard)
    Chair: Marvin Arrington
    Vice Chair: Donald Fobbs
  • Rocky Mount / Benvenue (P17A: Benvenue Baptist Church, 2464 Benvenue Road)
    Chair: Mark Miller
  • Rocky Mount / Downtown (P21A: Braswell Memorial Library, 727 N. Grace Street
    Chair: Arnold Bernstein
    Vice Chair: Mollie Winstead
  • Rocky Mount / Edwards (P22A: Greator Joy Baptist Church, 820 Nashville Road)
    Chair: Lorenzo Ellis
    Vice Chair: Lois Watkins
  • Rocky Mount / Hunter Hill (P18A: Parkwood Baptist Church, 1731 Hunter Hill Road)
    Chair: Mary Wells
    Vice Chair: Lela Chesson
  • Rocky Mount / South (P23A: Saint Paul United Methodist Church, 1217 Bethlehem Road)
    Chair: Gwen Wilkins
    Vice Chair: Robert Bynum
  • Rocky Mount / Sunset (P20A: Englewood United Methodist Church, 300 South Circle Drive)
    Chair: Bettie Kirkpatrick
    Vice Chair: Ernestine Belfield
  • Rocky Mount / Winstead (P19A: Englewood Baptist Church, 1350 South Winstead Avenue)
    Chair: Linda Edwards
  • Salem (P12A: Salem Volunteer Fire Department, 4559 Swift Creek School Road)
  • Samaria (P03A: Samaria Baptist Church, 3752 Samaria Church Lane)
  • Sharpsburg (P24A: Sharpsburg Town Hall, 110 West Railroad Street)
  • Spring Hope (P06A: Spring Hope Community Building, 104 Community Street)
    Chair: Phillip Mills
    Vice Chair: Annie Perry
  • Stanhope (P04A: Stanhope Volunteer Fire Department, 4416 West NC 97)
  • Whitakers (P13A: Whitakers Town Hall, 302 NW Railroad Street)
    Chair: Burnetta Pittman
    Vice Chair: Dural Battle

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